Insights Discovery

Increasing self-understanding leads to organizational breakthroughs

In addition to The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), The Insights Discovery system is our choice psychometric tool. Based on the work of Carl Jung, the Insights Discovery methodology is used to increase self-awareness, we are able to help people adapt and connect with one another in ways that allow them to better perform at their highest level. By focusing on the value that each diverse personality brings to the group, we are able to assist the team in improving communication, decreasing conflict, and strengthening relationships.

The Insights Discovery Personality Profile helps one increase their level of self-awareness, which we think is the foundation of excellent teamwork, improved communication, enhanced productivity and truly inspirational leadership. When you work with Insights, the level of self-awareness throughout your organization increases and so does productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. 

An Insights workshop delivered in conjuction with the Insights Discovery Profile will increase:


Highly cohesive teams are seriously committed, work harder, are more satisfied by their work, and experience less intra-team conflict.

Employee Engagement

An increase in engagement can positively impact productivity, profitability, staff and customer retention, absenteeism and safety records.

Leadership Development

Understanding the value of a diverse team of personalities is essential to strong leadership. Getting the most out of a team requires a leader to have enhanced abilities to connect with the people on the team as well as bring people together in productive ways.

Change Management

Insights creates an adaptability that creates employee readiness - a critical driver of change success. 

Insights Discovery