Our skill-based training solutions are designed to create 'a-ha's' for your people that lead to breakthroughs for your business. Our award-winning programs and custom-designed workshops provide measurable impact in the areas of individual performance, communication, teamwork, leadership, change, influence, sales, service, culture and engagement.


Performance has little to do with the strength of the brand, the brilliance of the strategy, or even the number of nap pods scattered around the office. In other words, we’ve built our business on the understanding that performance has less to do with processes, systems, and perks—and everything to do with people.

Our focus on performance has led us to identify four high-leverage skill sets demonstrated by the best of the best. When work is routine, top performers behave like everyone else. But as soon as stakes are high, projects turn crucial, and results are on the line, top performers behave differently. They’re masters of dialogue, accountability, influence, and productivity. These are the skills we teach in our award-winning VitalSmarts training courses: Crucial Conversations®, Crucial Accountability®, Influencer®, Getting Things Done® and The Power of Habit.

Tamara Kerr Consulting builds on the skills this foundation provides with additional specific courses in Insights Discovery (personality profiling), MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Six Thinking Hats, Leadership & Supervision, Sales and Team Building Events.


It isn’t easy to bring about real change. Training that receives top-notch ratings often yields no perceptible change in performance. To overcome this transfer problem, we:
Our courses are designed with follow-up instruction and deliberate practice. That’s a fancy way of saying we teach people the behaviors they should do to achieve the results they want.
In addition to the cognitive, behavioral, and motivational elements crucial to learning, we added cuing to our model of behavior change so people can recognize when to use their new skills.
While some best practices improve morale or eliminate annoyances, others improve key outcomes like productivity, safety, and quality. We focus on the highest-leverage skills demonstrated by the most influential people.


Organizations that have made our crucial skills part of their culture have seen results in:

Sprint Nextel saw a 93% improvement in productivity and a 10-15% improvement in quality, time, and cost.

Employees at Maine General Health were 167% more likely to speak up and resolve problems with colleagues.

PERFORMANCE STP Nuclear Power Plant went from total shut-down to generating the most electricity in the US among two-unit plants.

EFFICIENCY AT&T reduced billing costs by 30% and Sprint Nextel reduced customer care expenses by $20 million annually.

SAFETY Pride International improved their total incident rate by 55% and reported zero accidents that required employees to miss time on the job.  At Newmont Mining Corporation, while the company maintained an enviable Total Recordable Accident Frequency Rate (TRAFR), it continued to experience fatalities and serious injuries. Two years after implementing the training, Newmont Mining reduced its TRAFR from 0.69 to 0.47, a 32% reduction, and saw 73% fewer serious injuries in 2013 compared with 2011.

EMPLOYEE TURNOVER Orkin saw an 8% decrease in employee turnover.